GS 602

Production 52.000 pcs/hour

The model GS 602 is the biggest machine of our range, for companies that need an high production speed for a total, partial or tamper evident seal sleeve application. It’s a rotary machine, provided with two central rotating carousels for the transport of products and with four sleeve application heads.
The machine also has a four movable double sleeve reel storage which allows replacement of the reel without downtime. Important feature of this machine is its rotary system insertion that allows to stop properly position of the sleeve when the application is partial or tamper evident seal. The machine also has some additional modules that enrich it technologically, such as the vertical / horizontal sleeve perforation device, allowing an easy opening of the sleeve on the cap, or the sleeve reel storage that allows to change reels with the splice performed automatically. Reliability and versatility in making all the different sleeve applications, complete the high technology of this machine.