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The sleeve is very used in the food industry in particular to give an innovative image to the product
that with this type of decoration is able to maximize the impact of the mark.
We find it in sectors like confectionery industry, oil, cheese, sauces and condiments.

The sleeve application in this field is very common, since it allows to decorate products
with very difficult shapes where only the sleeve is able to give a 360 ° image.
This allows to use a marketing idea even in the most complex parts of the product, to increase its visibility to the final consumer.

In this area, the sleeve as well as being used as an innovative decoration of the product,
especially in the cosmetics industry, provides the opportunity to make multiple combinations of promotional products
by wrapping them completely with a decoration which increases the Sale attraction.
In the pharmaceutical sector however, the sleeve matches the decoration with the security of tamper-proof, very important in this type of products.

This sector, which gives a great importance not only to the product but also to its image,
find in the sleeve the main “weapon” to increase the visual impact also on products where the shape is totally unusual.
This type of decoration is found in the juice sector, wine, beers and spirits.